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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Google Books and Me

Google Books is the most fascinating library I have ever encountered. Whether I am looking up county histories or hoping to find a reference about an ancestor I am always amazed at the number of books available.

The other day I found an article on about recipes from the turn of the century. I realized I had never looked up cookbooks on Google Books. Using the filter '19th Century' I was able to find books and magazines that my ancestors may have read.

What did I find?

There were recipes from all regions of the country plus tips on keeping house and raising a family. I also found 'The White House Cookbook' published in 1887. It contains a great photograph of the 'White House Bride - Frances Folsom Cleveland'!

Then I started thinking about the record cold and number of storms we were having this winter. My next search was on the word 'almanac'. I was presented with a list of almanacs that included a World Almanac, another published by the Chicago Dailey News and of course the Farmer's Almanac all from the 19th century! I was quickly downloading these FREE pdf's to my hard drive.

Get the idea?

Click on the title of this article or use this URL: to start finding your endless list of books on Google!

Once you have read articles from these 19th century publications you will never take frozen food, Doppler Radar and your microwave for granted again!

Now, I just have to load all those PDF's on my eReader!

Take Care,

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