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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Everyday Genealogy - The Blog and the Calendar

This blog started as a way to promote my calendar Everyday Genealogy and has evolved into its own genealogy blog.

As a way to blend the two I am going to start posting seven tips every week. I will also continue writing the blog based on the tips and my genealogical adventures.

June 20
- West Virginia became a state on this date in 1863
- Researching in West Virginia? Family members born before 1863 may list Virginia, not West Virginia as their birthplace in census records.

June 21
- New Hampshire became a state on this date in 1788.
- “A Very Grave Matter” is a collection of pictures and cemetery records focused on New England, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine cemeteries. Visit:

June 22
- Researching or live in New Mexico? Check out the New Mexico Genealogical Society website. Visit:

June 23
- Looking for an out of print book? Visit:

June 24
- Researching you Spanish Heritage? The Spanish Archives Portal offers free research. Visit:

June 25
- Virginia became a state on this date in 1788
- Library of Virginia has searchable databases ranging from military and newspaper to cohabitation registers. Visit: Select-> Using The Collections

June 26
- The Battle of Little Big Horn was fought on this date in 1876
- Looking for a list of 7th Cavalry casualties and wounded at Little Big Horn? Visit: Select -> Custer National Cemetery

I hope you enjoy it!

Take Care,


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