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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Genealogy, Google and UTube: Get On-Board!

While I was at RootsTech I attended a session by Devin Ashby entitled "YouTube Your Family History". It was a great session about putting together a family story using artifacts that you've collected and then publishing it on UTube. His video was on his ancestor Rachel Pass Davenport's trip from England to Utah.

I know that my granddaughter uses UTube frequently to answer questions about computer skills, cooking and more.  She probably uses UTube as much as I use Google. And even though I know there is a wealth of information on UTube it is not the first Search Engine I use.

Google + Genealogy = The Google Genealogist

During the presentation Devin also said that instead of flying around the country or the world to do his presentations on 'The Google Genealogist' he now uploads them to UTube.

A quick search on UTube for "Google Genealogist" reveals 6 presentations on how Genealogists can put the power of Google behind their searches. I just watched the first two and here are some highlights:

  • Google now supports 'Voice' searches when using their Chrome brower.
  • Images can be uploaded
    • Google will find where else on the Internet they have been published
    • Google will use facial recognititon to identify other images of that person
  • Setting up Google Alerts
  • Using various paramters while searching
To view all 6 videos go to UTube and search on Google Genealogist or use this link.

I personally think the voice search using Chrome is pretty cool!

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