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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sunday's Obituary - William H. Schultz

Philadelphia Inquirer - August 13, 1889

Death of a Well-Known Actor

W. H. Schultz, a well-known actor, died yesterday afternoon. He was about 33 years of age. He has played at many of the local theatres, and had a good reputation as a general utility man. His last appearance was made in a little town in Indiana, where there was a damp dressing room. Here he entracted a bad cold, from which he never recovered, the cold developing into consumption.

Philadelphia Inquirer August 15, 1889

SCHULTZ -  William H. Schultz son of Catherine E. and the late Bernard Schultz - Friends are respectfuly invited to attend the funeral services, on Thursday afternoon, the 15th at 4 o'clock, at his mothers residence, 1114 Spring Garden Street. Interment Private.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Genealogist Holiday Check List

Over the next six weeks every genealogist has a great opportunity to reach out to his/her immediate and extended family and involve them in your genealogy research. Whether it is a family newsletter, a collection of  recipes or putting together an album of old family photos the holidays are a great time to share your research.

The holidays can also be a good time to ask your uncles, aunts and cousins for updates to their family trees. My mother comes from a large family and I have many relatives I have not seen for over forty years. Genealogy is not just about finding your past it is also about staying in contact with your living relatives. On the plus side those relatives may have photos, stories and artifacts that could help break down some brick walls.

This holiday season the most important research you do could be at your dining room table!

Sunday November 20
  • Create a letter to send to your extended family to update your records. Questions could include:
    • Children's names and birthdates
    • Names of children's spouses or children
    • Has anyone in their family done any family research
Monday November 21
Tuesday November 22
  • Check out the Salvation Army and Goodwill stores when visiting your hometown for out of print books, local artifacts, photographs, etc. that can help flesh out your family research.
Wednesday November 23
  • Involve the Younger Generation:
    • Take advantage of a book, movie or television program that a younger member of the family might be interested in and relate it to your family history.
    • Making home made decorations, place settings or a recipe is a natural way to start a discussion across mulitple generations.
Thursday November 24
  • The Genealogy of Thanksgiving: Explore the origins of the holiday, gather recipes and find a list of the 25 Mayflower passengers who left descendents.
Friday November 25
  • Genealogist Supply List:
    • A portable scanner can help capture family pictures and documents during family gatherings.
    • Make copies of documents you want to share with your family. This will allow you to pass them around and take notes during conversations.
    • Never go to a family gathering without a camera! You can take pictures of people, things and artifacts without having to rely on someone else to 'get a copy' for you. 
Saturday November 26
  • Make a list of topics or questions for your next family gathering. It could include:
    • Naming a memorable birthday
    • Favorite Uncle or Aunt
    • Least favorite side dish or family recipe
    • How someone met their spouse
    • Why did they move to a different town or state
    • The origin of their first or middle name
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and that I have given you some food for thought for the rest of your weekend.

Take Care,

Five Generation Photo: Charles N. Schultz III, Mary Schultz, Charles Clayton Schultz holding Victoria Faye Schultz, Charles N. Schultz, Jr.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sunday's Obituary - Earl M. Schwemm

Pioneer Press - November 23, 1996

Memorial Services for Earl M. Schwemm, 95, will be held Saturday, December 7, at 11 am, at the Barrington United Methodist Church and at 2 p.m. at the Elliott Chapel on the grounds of the Presbyterian Home in Evanston. A native of Barrington, Mr. Schwemm died Nov. 15, 1996 at the Presbyterian Home.

Mr. Schwemm was the former manager of the Chicago agency of Great-West Life Assurance Co. of Canada. He ran the agency for 25 years, until his retirement in December 1961.

Mr. Schwemm lived in Barrington almost all of his life and was an active civic leader, including nine years on the high school board of education, three as president, and seven years of the Barrington Village Board.

His grandfather, Gustav Meyer, opened a cabinet-making shop in Barrington just after the Civil War, and his father, John Schwemm, had a livery barn in downtown Barrington until after World War II. His mother, Gertrude, was a prime mover of the library, and wrote the history of the Methodist Church in 1940.

Earl and Eunice Butler Schwemm

Other news articles over the years include:

Barrington Review - November 1, 1917

Nelta Schnetlage (Room 3), Grace Schwemm (Room 5), Ruth Schwemm (Room 7) and Earl Schwemm (High School) were on the 'Roll of Honor' in October. It was noted that every pupil to be on this honor roll must have no grade below 90 in any of the regular studies. Music, writing, drawing and deportment are no included.

Barrington Review - December 12, 1918
Henry Boehmer of Chicago spent the week end with his cousin, Earl Schwemm.

Barrington Review - April 8, 1926
Earl M. Schwemm, who spread the speical assessment for Barrington's sewer system, states that he is now ready to make dividing orders where property has since been sold.

Any person desiring their assessment divided in order that it will apply against the present property owner should apply to Mr. Schwemm now.
Anyone who owned a tract of land or a piece of property when the assessment was spread, but has since sold part of it, or divided it in any way, can have the assessment proportioned to the new owners, Mr. Schwemm explains.
"It should be remembered," Mr. Schwem says, "that if the entire piece of property was sold there is no division to be made. It is just a change of ownership. A case like this should be reported to the village collector and the County court notified. Where the assessment is to be divided or reapportioned, then get in touch with me."

The Herald - Arlington Heights, IL - November 17, 1960

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Frasier, 425 N. Cumnock were dinner guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Schwemm in Jewel Park, Barrington, Saturday evening. After the dinner, Mr. and Mrs. Schwemm showed pictures of their second trip to Europe, taken last summer.

Barrington Courier Review - 1978
The Earl Schwemms: Fifty years together

They were high school sweethearts. And is was 50 years ago yesterday that Earl Schwemm and Eunice Butler were married.

Earl Schwemm was born here in Barrington. Eunice Schwemm came here to live when she was 9 years old. Both are graduates of Barrington High School, he in 1920 she a year later. Earl went on to the University of Illinois, graduating in 1924 and Eunice graduated from Northern Illinois University in 1925.

They were married on February 1, 1928 in the tea room in the building which now houses Barrington Realty.

They never left Barrington. They made their home here and Earl worked in Chicago for 30 years as agency manager for the Great Lfie Insurance Co. He was active in the community, serving on the high school board of education for eight years and as its president for three. For seven years, until 1975, he was a trustee for the Village of Barrington and last year he marked 50 years of membership in the Barrington Lions Club and the local Masonic Lodge

Eunice has been a long-time member of the Barrington Woman's Club and the League of women Voters. She also has been active in the Women's Society of Barrington, United Methodist Church and the Volunteer Bureau.

The Schwemm's raised three sons; John, who lives in Downer's Grove; Richard who lives in Wilton, Conn; and Robert, a residen of Lexington, Ky. All five of the Schwemms' grandchildren are girls.

"I have the best wife, the best kids, the best of everything. I've been a lucky man," Earl Schwemm said.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

State Research, Genealogy Seminars and the CCC

Sorry for not blogging for the last 10 days!

Last week was the Florida State Genealogical Conference and my genealogy blogging buddy Pam and I were both attendees and speakers! Our friend Cathy always comes and it ends up being a genalogy pajama party!

It was great seeing old friends, attend informative presentations and make new friends. One of the benefits of belonging to a genealogy society is not only interacting with others who share your interest in 'hunting dead people' but also the educational opportunities.

The keynote speak was nationally known professional genealogist Lloyd DeWitt Bockstruck. He gave many lectures over the two days but the one I enjoyed the most was on the War of 1812. Did you know that Peoria Illinois was burnt to the ground? Check out the Illinois War of 1812 Bicentennial Site.

Here are this week's tips.

Sunday November 13
Monday November 14
  • The Civilian Conservation Corporation was a New Deal public work relief program similar to the WPA.
  • It provided work for unskilled young men who could not find work during the Great Depression.
  • The CCC created 800 parks, planted over 3 million trees and updated state parks
  • Check out Cyndi's List for more information on the CCC.

Tuesday November 15
  • Researching Pennsylvania ancestors who served in the military?
  • Check out the Pennsylvania State Archives online records.
Wednesday November 16
  • Oklahoma became a state on this date in 1907
  • Did you know that there are 18 Oklahoma counties that no longer exist? 
  • Check out the Oklahoma GenWeb Site for the list and more!
Thursday November 17
Friday November 18
  • Starting to research in South Dakota?
  • Check out the State Archives a variety of records including Civil War ancestors who fought for the North or the South.
Saturday November 19
  • There are four basic types of French records
  • Vital
  • Notarial
  • Military
  • Emigration 
My biggest tip this week is to find a local genealogy society meeting to attend, you will not be sorry.

Take Care,

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sunday's Obituary - Dorothy Schwemm Willard

Services were held December 2 with the Rev. James Stiles officiating. Interment was in Spirit Lake Memorial Gardens, Spirit Lake.

Born  July 11, 1917, in Barrington, Illinois, the daughter of August C. and Dora (Lyon) Schwemm she was united in marriage to Frank Sandmire Willard on June 19, 1937 in Boone County, Illinois.

The couple lived in the Barrington area until moving to Iowa in 1970. Dorothy became a resident of Hilltop Care Center in Spirit Lake in February 1992. She was a homemaker most of her life, but during the 1950's she worked for Barrington Vending Co. and Jewel Tea Co. - mail order division. As Frank's retirement approached, the adventurous spirit in Dorothy led them west. On the return trip, they stopped to visit old neighbors in Spirit Lake, which changed the course of their lives.

After moving to Spirit Lake, Dorothy joined in fellowship the United Methodist Woman's Society, holding various offices. Sharing homemade crafts, flowers from her garden and baked goods is what kept Dorothy's hands busy. She found beauty in each swan she added to her collection.

Surviving family members include her daughter and son-in-law, Ruthann and Jim Lukes of Spirit Lake; grandson Jeffrey Lukes, and Jeff and Amy Ondler of Spirit Lake; granddaughter, Denise Tuinstra and Hayley, Kortney and Dylan of Lake Park; brothers and sisters-in-law: Clifford and Hazel Schwemm of Cary, Kenneth and Elizabeth Schwemm of Fox River Grove; and many nieces and nephews.

She was preceded in death by her husband Frank in 1995; her parents; two sisters; and two brothers.

Frank and Dorothy Schwemm Willard on their honeymoon.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

WPA, Public Libraries & Guy Fawkes Day

I have spent the last month under the weather and unable to concentrate for long period of time. That may be a bad combination for writing my blog but it did give me a chance to sit for hours looking up variations of the surname Haag and who lived at 93 Sands Street in Brooklyn in the early part of the 20th Century!

To read about my research on the Haag family check out my new Pack Peddler's Blog entry. Now for some tips to help you in your research.

Sunday October 30
* Iowa Graves Project - WPA - Works Project Administration 1930’s Graves Registration Survey
* Counties not indexed by the 1930s WPA Graves Registration Project, and thus not included in the database on this web site, include Appanoose, Benton, Cherokee, Clinton, Dallas, Des Moines, Dubuque, Hardin, Humboldt, Ida, Iowa, Jasper, Lyon, Monona, Osceola, Pottawattamie, and Warren.
* For more information on WPA Projects check out this article: Records of the Works Projects Administration
* Cyndi's List has a comprehensive list of WPA and other Depression Era Projects

Monday October 31
* Nevada became a state on this date in 1864
* Nevada counties started recording births and deaths in 1887 and are available at the Nevada County Recorder's offices or online.
* Check out Joe Beine's Nevada's Death Records

Tuesday November 1
* Researching in Scotland can span four languages: English, Gaelic, Scots and Latin.
* A name might be Hamish in a Gaelic record, but James if it is recorded in English.

Wednesday November 2
* North and South Dakota became a state on this date in 1889
* The North Dakota State University has a digital collection, online databases, and biographies
* South Dakota residents were counted in the census of Wisconsin in 1836, in Iowa in 1840 and in Minnesota in 1850 as the Pembina District.

Thursday November 3 
* Researching in Scandinavia?
* When researching it is important to understand naming patterns of the region. Your ancestor’s last name in Finland may have been taken from the farm they lived on as an adult.  Example: Isakki Lyllykorpi became Isakki Keturi when he moved to the Keturi farm.

Friday November 4
* Planning a combination vacation/research trip? Or researching at home?
*  Check out the Public Library Site to find local, college, state libraries and more!

Saturday November 5
* Guy Fawkes Day
* The Gunpowder Plot Society traces the events of November 5, 1605 when a group of 13 men tried to blow up Parliament.
* Check out the Gunpowder Plot Society website to see if your English ancestor was involved!

I will be speaking, along with my genealogy buddy Pam Treme at the Florida State Genealogical Society's Annual Conference on November 11th and 12th. If you live in or around the Orlando area please come by!

Take Care,


Researching Uncle Gus Plus Mary Turns 50!

Researching Uncle Gus Plus Mary Turns 50!