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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rootsweb Message Boards-The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Everyone is always eager to learn about the newest search engine, online database or social networking site. But there it is, like that dependable sweater in the back of the closet Rootsweb.

A few years ago I spent a couple of long evenings posting messages and joining mailing lists trying to knock down some brick walls. I talked about it and the success I had in a blog posting called "Brickwalls, Rootsweb and Me" The great thing is that now, years later it is still paying off!

Today, out of nowhere I received an email that there as a new post on a mesage I had posted in 2007! Yes, another Maish cousin had found my message!

Rootsweb is the gift that keeps on giving. The message you leave today will still be there next week, next month and years from now. The important thing is to make sure that leave the message in the first place.

Take a couple of minutes and leave a message or two.

Take Care,

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  1. I agree - Rootsweb is great! Even after my lifetime, a lot of my family tree data will be freely available on their WorldConnect and Freepages sites for the benefit of future generations. But you have reminded me that I need to resubmit some of my old message board and mailing list posts now that I have a permanent (free) email address from Google's Gmail.