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Friday, February 25, 2011

My Ancestor Was Born in the State of Franklin!

Minnesota? South Dakota? Wisconsin? Franklin?

One of the most fascinating elements of creating Everyday Genealogy - the Desk Calendar last year was being reminded how our nation was created. Once the original 13 colonies were formed our ancestors headed west and new territories and states were formed. Here are some of the more interesting facts I found

Did you know?

Residents of Wisconsin were enumerated in 1820 in the Indiana Territory census and in the Michigan census in 1830.

South Dakota residents were counted in the census of Wisconsin in 1836, in Iowa in 1840 and in Minnesota in 1850 as the Pembina District.

South Dakota was a part of Minnesota until Minnesota became a state in 1858.

West Virginia seceded from the state of Virginia on May 23 1861 and became a state in its own right in 1863.

Kentucky was annexed by Virginia in 1772 as part of Finscastle County. In 1776 Fincastle County was divided into 3 new counties: Kentucky, Montgomery and Washington.


The state of Franklin, whose capital was first Jonesborough and later Greeneville, was formed in 1784. It was never admitted to the Union. Franklin became part of Tennessee in 1790.

The state of Franklin lives on in Johnson City where there is a bank and main highway are named "State of Franklin". It was also mentioned in as one of the 'ghost states' in a documentery "How the States Got Their Shapes".

BTW - Davy Crockett was born in the state of Franklin 1786.


We all use census records, obituaries, etc. to help us find out which state or country our ancestors were born, married and died. What we have to remember is that they are answering the question from their 18th or 19th century perspective not our 21st century map.

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  1. Meu camarada. O negócio é bem mais complicado hem?
    Tem que fazer todo esse rodeio para chegar ou melhor para sabe de onde vem a origem das pessoas. Bem interessante. Tornei-me seu seguidor.