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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Louisiana, Maryland and A Quick Trip Home


April 30th marked Louisiana's anniversary of statehood. The year was 1812 but Louisana had their first census in 1810 when it was the Orleans Territory.

Check out my blog, Celebrate Your Louisana Heritage, for links to help in your research.


Maryland became a state on April 28, 1788. For a list of what census records are available for Maryland check out Maryland Census Records.

The Maryland State Archives holdings span the spectrum of Muster Rolls from the American Revolution to Index of Colonial Probate Records 1634-1777. It takes more than a few clicks to appreciate all the information available online.

If you live in the area the Maryland Genealogical Society has a "Back to Basics Workshop" on June 25th, 2011. The Society website also has an online database "Baltimore City Church Register Transcriptions" and they are FREE!

Going Home (aka A Quick Research Trip)

I try to to visit my mom and sister at least once a year. An email flyer I received this week from the McHenry County Genealogical Society talked about some historical presentations, walks and new publications that were being sponsored this month. Since I could I decided I would. I booked my flight and will be going home to the northwest suburbs of Chicago in mid May.

My sister will be going with me on an "Old Town Algonquin Walking Tour" and then we will be visiting the Cary-Grove Historical Society to pick up a copy of "Images of America: Cary and Fox River Grove.

I will also be spending time at the Barrington Library so I began a list of people I needed to look up. I had also found some errors on recently, so that was another list. Recently I found one local cemetery listed twice, so a ride to Dundee to visit and document the error is needed.

While I was in Barrington I needed to visit the local funeral home to find out why my grandfather does not have a military marker. I also wanted to stop at the Barrington Historical Society to see if they ever found that box of 'lost Schwemm photos'.

If the opportunity presented itself, would you be ready to take a 'quick research trip'? I am ready for the research trip now I just have to fit in some time to spend with my mom!

Take Care,

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