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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Genealogist Supply List - Don't Leave Home Without Them

A few years ago I was at a genealogy seminar and someone asked if it was a prerequisite for a genealogist to be addicted to Office Depot? I laughed, but then thought for a moment. I LOVE Office Depot!

With summer coming genealogists will be making more road trips and then going home to 'digest' their findings. Having the right supplies will make life easier.

Here are some items that every genealogist should have in their 'toolbox'.

* Magnifying glass
* Binder Clips - Small,Medium,Large
* Highlighters
* Post-it Notes - Regular and Directional (arrows)
* Photo safe and acid free Scotch Brand Scrapbooking Tape
* Index Cards
* Paper Clips
* Archival Pen and Pencil
* Ruler
* Mini Tape Measure
* USB Drive
* Portable Scanner
* Cotton Gloves
* Label Maker
* Sheet Protectors
* Extension Cord
* Calculator
* 9 x 12 Envelopes
* Steno Pad
* Blank cd's
* Permenant Markers
* Voice Recorder (cell phone, mp3 player, etc)
* Camera (cell phone, digital camera, disposable, etc)
* Pre Printed Cards (aka business cards) with your contact information
* 3-Ring Binders
* File Folders

Divide your supplies into different containers.

When traveling select either a soft side container that can be carried in a computer bag, brief case or tote bag. This can hold a small magnifying glass, paper clips, highlighters, pens, pencils, etc.

For home storage the type of container is not as important as long as it it holds your supplies and keeps the items organized. An actual 'toolbox' may help organize your supplies best.

I am continuing to add to my list of 'must have' supplies as I reorganize my office. I will post more supplies later!

Take Care,

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