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Monday, July 11, 2011

eBay, Ancestry and the Photo Detective!

The lazy days of summer are great for reading books, building sandcastles and exploring new genealogy databases or ebay.

Sunday July 10
* Wyoming became a state on this date in 1890
* Visit the Wyoming State Archives for voting records, Spanish-American War Rosters, oral histories and more. Visit:

Monday July 11
* Puerto Rico became a United States Territory in 1898 and a United States Commonwealth in 1952. Visit: The Hispanic Genealogy Society -

Tuesday July 12
* Looking for fun and practical genealogy supplies and gift? Visit:

Wednesday July 13
* Using ebay for Genealogy Research: Look for postcards featuring family owned businesses or vacation destinations. Visit:

Thursday July 14
* has over thirteen thousand names of individuals who were executed during the French Civil War. Visit:
Search-> Card Catalog -> French Deaths
* is a fee based database that offers trial memberships.

Friday July 15
* Looking for old newspapers in Iowa? Check out the Iowa Old Press website. Visit:

Saturday July 16
* Visit Maureen Taylor, the Photo Detective, for clues to the unknown individual in your family pictures. Visit:

Hope you break down a brick wall or two!

Take Care,

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