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Monday, August 29, 2011

Minnesota, George G. Morgan and the Rough Riders

Labor Day weekend is fast approaching and vacation plans are in place. I am preparing for a trip to Minnesota to spend a long weekend on Lake Mille Lacs with Chuck's family. While the family is busy playing cards, corn toss and cruising the lake I plan on kicking back with my fully loaded Kindle.

I hope everyone has a great weekend, but if you decide to do some research, here are this week's tips, with a Minnesota twist.

Sunday August 28
* Have an Minnesota Ancestor with a 'checkered' past? The Minnesota Historical Society can help you access their prison records.
* To obtain information about Prison Records visit: The Minnesota Historical Society

Monday August 29
* South Dakota was a part of Minnesota until Minnesota became a state in 1858.

Tuesday August 30
* Cemetery Tip - Once you find an ancestor's grave it is important to record everyone in the family plot whether you think they are related or not.
* Record the names of the graves near by - sisters, brothers, or cousins may have bought plots near each other.

Wednesday August 31
* Looking for an out of print book? Check the following sites:
* Alibris
* World Cat

Thursday September 1
* A Brief History of the 1st United States Volunteer Cavalry - aka Rough Riders. The site contains a rooster, biographies and more.
* Visit: The Rough Riders Website
* The Rough Riders - A Public Domain Book

Friday September 2
* Genealogy Books - Quicksheet Citing Online Historical Resources - Elizabeth Shown Mills

Saturday September 3
* Attend a State or Local Genealogy Conference!
* Minnesota Genealogical Society Presents the 4th Annual North Star Conference Featuring: George G. Morgan, International Speaker, half of the Genealogy Guys Podcast and author of How to Do Everything: Genealogy and the first two editions of The Official Guide to Ancestry

The picture below is Chuck and his younger brother Billy with some fish they caught! I hope everyone has a safe Labor Day weekend!

Take Care,

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