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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Norway, Canada, Italy and RootsTech 2012

Last February I went to Las Vegas with Chuck and his family to celebrate his 60th birthday. While this sounds fun, memorable and decandent my mind was at Rootstech 2011 in Salt Lake City! Instead of enjoying playing slot machines I was yearning for a session on Social Media.

This weekend I decided to do it! I registered for RootsTech 2012 and booked my airline flight. The list of sessions is exciting, the speakers first class and on Friday night there are extended hours at the Family History Library.

Chuck and I will both enjoy his birthday, just on different sides of the country!

Sunday October 9
* Leif Ericson Day
* Get Started Researching your Norwegian Roots?
* Check out the Norwegian Historical Society
* The Genealogy Society of Norway connects researchers and offers services to English speaking members.
* Italian Letter Writing Guide

Monday October 10
* Columbus Day - 5 Things you Didn't Know
* Looking for Italian records and history? Check out the Italian Genealogy Site

Tuesday October 11
* Backing up your research: Use an external hard drive, USB drive or some form of media to back up pictures and documents stored on your computer.

Wednesday October 12
* Genealogy Blogs
* Midwestern Microhistory: by Harold Henderson
* Olive Tree Genealogy Blog: by Lorine McGinnis Schulze

Thursday October 13
* Looking for an ancestor that received a Medal of Honor?
* An index of the full-text citations by war from 1863 to 2008 is online. Visit the Medal of Honor Citations Website:

Friday October 14
* Just starting in genealogy?
* Remember, everything you need cannot be found on the Internet. There are times when you have to visit the actual courthouses, churches and cemeteries where your ancestors lived and died.

Saturday October 15
* Researching in Canada?
* Check out the Canadian Newspaper Collection of Library and Archives Canada

Check out your local newspapers and find a genealogy or historical society meeting to attend this month. Visit "Society Hall" on the Federation of Genealogy Societies website to locate a genealogy society in your area.

Take Care,

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  1. I look forward to seeing you at RootsTech. I love social media (I'm on a panel at RootsTech) so we can talk about it until your heart's content. :)