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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Add LibraryThing To Your Genealogy Toolbox

In a previous blog I wrote about my granddaughter scanning my book collection into My thought was it would be nice to catalog my books and it would keep Tori busy.
Today I discovered that LibraryThing is a great research tool.

Books, Books and More Books
I do a lot of research in Upper Michigan and there have been many histories compiled about early settlements, local remembrances and various community anniversaries.  The problem is if you do not know they exist it is hard to track them down.

Today on LibraryThing I did a search on "Upper Michigan" and hit the mother lode. Not only were there 84 results, but it allowed me to find who the folks were that had the books, if any would be willing to swap, what libraries had copies and which booksellers had copies.  WOW! A lot of information to digest.

So, if you have not explored LibraryThing, take a minute to do a search.

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  1. Another great resource for genealogy books is Google Books. I've found countless tidbits of information about my ancestors. I even found out how much per hour my ancestor made back in the 1880s using Google Books.

    Regards, Jim
    Google Books Genealogy at Hidden Genealogy Nuggets