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Friday, January 7, 2011

Genealogy and the Younger Generation

People are always asking how to get the 'next' generation interested in genealogy. The trick, I think, is not to get them interested in genealogy, but to show an interest in them.

Sharing interests or hobbies is a two way street so be prepared to learn about the latest television show or collectable. When it is your turn try to relate some facet of your genealogy research to their interest.

If you have a grandchild, niece or nephew who is interested in science, music, sports, etc. tell them a story about an ancestor who had similar interests or was in a related profession. My granddaughter was surprised to find that she had an ancestor who lived in many of the same towns as the Ingalls family. Now whenever Little House on the Prairie is on I remind her that Grandma Maish grew up in very similar circumstances.

If you want the next generation to be interested in your genealogy research show them how it relates to their lives and hobbies. You might be surprised.

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Is there a youngster in your family that would enjoy reading about the Ingall's family?

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  1. I've long thought that the visual approach of showing old photos to children was the wrong way to start. Black-and-white pictures of people who seldom smile don't entice them. On the other hand, just tell them stories about your own childhood--especially the ones that they can relate to most. Soon, you can graduate to stories about your ancestors.