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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday's Obituary - Ole Lukken Drowns in Blackduck Mn

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Ole Lukken
Born abt 1887 - Norway
Died July 27, 1914- Blackduck, Beltrami, MN

The Blackduck American - July 29, 1914
Blackduck Lake Claims A Victim

Ole Lukken Drowned While Swimming - Sherm Maish had Narrow Escape in Attempt at Rescue

Ole Lukken was drowned in Blackduck Lake yesterday afternoon while in swimming near the south shore of the lake opposite the home of D.W.Burr. Up to the hour of going to press the body had not been recovered altho searchers have been at work dragging the waters ever since the accident occurred.

Sherman Maish, father-in-law of the drowned man and the only eye witness to the tragedey, narrowly escaped death in attempting to save his son-in-law from a watery grave. Maish tells the story of the drowning substantially as follows:

We had been at working lathing Mr. Burrs's home and finished it shortly after dinner but decided to wait till evening in order to return across the lake with Robert Ingersoll in the latter's launch. In the meantime we decided to try fishing for a while and after securing some minnows and a few frogs pushed an old barge out about half a mile from shore where we anchored it.

After fishing a while without success Lukken suggested a plunge in the lake. Altho both Lukken and I were good swimmers I hesitated but he continued urging me and finally we undressed and Lukken plunged into the water and began swimming. With a sort of apprehension I stayed on the boat hesitating when I noticed Lukken's feet out of the water and his head under. I called to him to quit fooling that way as he might need help sometime. He kicked a few times and I began to think that he was in trouble so jumped in and swam towards him.

As I reached him he grabbed me around my head and we both went down. As we came to the surface he loss his hold. "CANT READ SENTENCE" . He didn't utter a sound. Again I tried to get hold of him and he caught my foot. I think if he had held on to my foot or in any helped I could have hauled him to safety, but he let go and I didn't see him anymore in my excitement I swam back to the barge and had a hard struggle to get up on. I was nearly all in. I went down once while trying to get on but finally got hold of the anchor rope and pulled myself up. Then I shoved the boat to the spot where I thought he went down and tried to locate him but couldn't find him. The bottom was muddy and a body would probably sink into the mire. Then I went for help and ____ was sent to town."

J.M. Reed, Dr. Koch and others hurried to the lake with poles and hooks and began a search for the body. Late in the evening dynamite was used in hopes of raising the body but without success. Lights were used until two o'clock this morning when the search was abondoned to be renewed at daylight.

Lukken leaves a wife and five small children. He was 38 years old. His mother and brothers who reside at Erskine were notified and arrived in the village this morning.

The Blackduck American - August 5, 1914

After resting at the bottom of Blackduck Lake for over two days the body of Ole Lukken whose drowning was chronicled in last week's American was brought to the surface by means of a long pole and a hook attached which caught under the arm of the deah man. The place where the body was found was only within a few feet of where he was said by his father in law, Sherm Maish, to have disappeared.

The body was immediately brought to J.M. Reed's undertaking rooms and prepared for burial and the funeral was held Saturday afternoon from the Scandinavian Church were services were conducted by Rev. O.V. Elnarson, assisted by Rev. J.H. Frarey of the Presbyterian Church.

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