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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Holidays, 7 Up and Where Did I Put My eReader?

The holidays always remind me how the world has changes since I was young. Holiday meals at Grandma Pahlke's demanded your best dress, ties and polished shoes. Aprons were worn while setting the tables (adult & children's) and cocktails were served to the adults. It was a special occasion from the time you woke up until everyone left with an extra piece of pie or leftover meat.

Mary and I in our Easter bonnets

For better or worse the holidays now are less formal, but just as filled with family traditions and meals. This Easter, Grandma Mary's method of cooking the Easter ham is a hot topic. Mary Steigerwald Schultz was Chuck's grandmother and a fantastic cook.

Grandma Mary's Ham Recipe

Decades ago Grandma Mary was at our house when I was preparing a ham for dinner. I was fussing with basting and covering it when she pulled me aside and told me her secret - 7Up. Forget covering it and basting, just open a bottle or can of 7Up and pour it over the ham.

Over the years I have made slight modifications to the recipe. I have found that using a roster, instead of the oven, steams it more and keeps it extra juicy. Also I have used Mountain Dew and Sprite not just 7Up but never diet pop.

Charles Jr, Mary, Charles Sr. and Carol Schultz

I have been fielding emails from friends and relatives this month to find out the 'secret' of the hams I serve at family gatherings. I have happily shared Grandma Mary's recipe and hope it is passed down through the generations.

Chicago and the 7Up Connection

The other day while picking out my ham I started up a conversation with a woman was also looking over the hams. She mentioned she was from Chicago and I laughed and said so was I. She casually asked how I prepared my ham and I chuckled and said 'with 7Up'. The look on her face was of pure shock - she said she also used 7UP and had never met anyone else who did!

Another Chicago 7(Up) Conspiracy? It truly is a small world!

eReader Update

A week or so ago I read an article about eBooks being more popular than paperbacks. eBooks? Ooops, I couldn't remember where my eReader even was! I brought it to Las Vegas, but had not seen it since I unpacked. I did track it down and remembered I had never finished "Decision Points" even though I truly was enjoying it.

I found that there was an firmware update for my eReader so I installed. I also updated my email options and some internet favorites but just could not get myself to start reading.

For some reason there is still something very foreign about reading a book on the eReader. Maybe I am just overloaded on technolgy in other areas of my life. Or maybe I am too old to 'learn a new trick'.

I have left it on the coffee table, so we'll see.

Take Care,

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