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Monday, September 26, 2011

Gold Star Mothers, Rootsweb Mailing Lists and Military Cemeteries

This week's tips and hints are an eclectic group. I am never sure when I start my weekly blog if I am going to follow the week as laid out in my calendar - Everyday Genealogy or freelance a bit. This week I mixed it up a bit.

Sunday September 25
* Gold Star Mother's Day
* Find out more about the American Gold Start Mother's, Inc. at their website -

Monday September 26
* There are many memorials in Washington D.C. but if you cannot make it to our Capitol, you can still visit the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial virtually.
* Visit The Virtual Wall.

Tuesday September 27
* The United States has 24 burial grounds on foreign soil.
* Visit the American Battle Monuments Commision at

Wednesday September 28
* If you are doing Irish Research The National Archives of Ireland has an online searchable database of the 1910/1911 census.
* Access the database for FREE at:

Thursday September 29
* Looking for a Genealogy Glossary? Check out Dick Eastman's Encyclopedia of Genealogy

Friday September 30
* Using mailing lists on
* Search the archives of the mailing lists for answers before you post a question on a mailing list.
* Birthday of Earl Pahlke - my dad

Saturday October 1
* If you are doing research in Chicago and cannot get there yourself check out

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