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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wikis, British-Canadian Research and Labor Day

I have just returned from vacation on Lake Mille Lacs in Minnesota. The weather was beautiful and I actually caught a fish! The unusual part of the vacation was that there was no television and or Internet access. As a result I was watching the sunset instead updating my blog...

Sunday September 4
* Anglo-Celtic Connections Blog: A great blog for British-Canadian Research.
* John Reid, author, has a blog post documenting the Top Genealogy Site Rankings. There were a few on the list I either did not know about - or had forgotten!

Monday September 5
* Labor Day
* The U.S. Railroad Retirement Board will provide information for deceased ancestors who worked for the railroad industry after 1936. If you had an ancestor who work 'on the railroad' visit their site:
* The Lake County Illinois blog has a great post about what Labor Day is about: Labor Day - The Working Man's Holiday
* Birthdate of Florence Anna Schwemm Pahlke - my grandmother

Tuesday September 6
* Genealogy Glossary: Wiki
* A website that gives visitors the ability to contribute, comment and correct content.

Wednesday September 7
* The Boxer Rebellion which began in 1899 was an uprising of the Chinese against outside influences. It ended on this date in 1901
* Researching an ancestor who may have served in this war then visit these sites:
* Military History at -
* The Boxer Rebellion and the U.S. Navy, 1900-1901

Thursday September 8
* FamilySearch Wiki – Free family history research advice for the community, by the community.
* Visit:

Friday September 9
* California became a state on this date in 1850
* Researching early California ancestors? Spanish censuses (padrones) began in 1790.

Saturday September 10
* The Town of Leesburg Virginia has online databases and manuscripts.
* Visit the Thomas Balch Library on the Town of Leesburg website.

Personally I am requesting my first reformatory record from the state of Minnesota. Keep your fingers crossed - it could be a great story!

Take Care,

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