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Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Cards and Family Newsletters - Find Them and Transcribe Them!

There are times when research help is literally at our finger tips or at least sitting in a box or closet.

My mailbox is filling up more and more each day with Christmas cards. The majority of them only have a signiture but some have notes or newsletters from family and friends.

They may contain a one page update on a family vacation or on who graduated from high school. If you are lucky they may also have which relatives attended the graduation party. Was there an aunt or cousin who wrote pages about her families activities during the year?

Do you save them year after year?

More important did your cousin,aunt,mother or grandmother save them?

The July 25 tip in Everyday Genealogy suggests finding which family members may have kept their old Christmas cards. Once found ask if any had enclosures or handwritten updates on family events. If the person who kept them doesn't remember ask if you can go through them.

If you are lucky enough to find notes or newsletters be sure to transcribe them. You never know when a casual remark in a Christmas card can knock down a brick wall.

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