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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Collecting and Preserving Family Recipes

What would a family event be without Grandma Mary's cucumbers or Shirley's sweet potatoes? And no matter where I go or what deli I eat in, my mom's potato salad is best.

What will happen to these recipes? Are they written down? Has anyone tried to recreate the dish from the recipe?

Many of these dishes are made from memory and without exact measurements. One of the funniest holiday memories I have is my husband trying to record his mom making fudge. Every time she would add a 'sprinkle or hand full' of an ingrediant he was there with a measuring spoon! I was not sure he would leave the kitchen alive!

Use this holiday season to start collecting recipes. You will find that many people will be delighted that you asked! Some will also realize that they have never written down the recipe.

And of course there will be those that say there is no way they could record the recipe because they 'just make it'. My husband can attest to that, he still is trying to get that fudge recipe from his mom!

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