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Monday, December 27, 2010

Name Tags - What Would Emily Post Say?

Name tags, something so basic but so elusive. I had vowed after my mother-in-law's family reunion 2 years ago I would never attend another family event without a bundle of name tags in my purse. My husband told me that it would be 'odd' to ask people to wear them. So there I was at my husband's Great Aunt Theresa's 100th birtday party this weekend and not a name tag in sight.

I have to admit as a genealogist I was ill prepared. I should have printed out Family Group Sheets so I could jot down notes as I met and greeted folks. Instead I attended as just another family member ready to congratulate Aunt Theresa on her longevity. And of course there was not a name tag in sight.

I had thought to bring my camera so all was not lost. I took pictures of all the guests so with some help I managed to put names to all the faces. And, as usual I found gaps in my database when I tried to match the pictures to names.

So, I was thinking maybe name tags would be more acceptable if they were mailed out with the invitations?

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