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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Creating a Genealogy Blog - Is It For You?

It is hard to believe that within the last year I went from reading other people's blogs to writing two blogs and contributing to two others.

Writing a blog is very similar to keeping a journal. The blog can be private (maybe a place to track your research notes),public or for people you invite. This allows you to decide if you will share your research with everyone,just a a select group or keep it completely private.

Benefits of Blogging

Sometimes it feels good to share your successes with others even if you do not know them. Likewise when you hit a brickwall or receive disappointing news on a surname it can be cathartic to write it down. It may even help you figure out where you went wrong!

Another benefit of a blog is that you can allow (or not) others to comment on your blog entries. This way other members of your family or researchers tracing collateral lines can share their research. You may even lure members of the family who are not interested in genealogy, but love to share family stories, into posting comments.

To Blog or Not to Blog.....

Blogging is another tool in your genealogy toolkit that can be used to record research and if desired share it. While blogging may not be for everyone, do not dismiss it because you have never done it. It's as easy as going to, choosing a name and creating the blog. You can become as technical as you want or not at all. Just do not let 'technology' stop you from trying to blog - just do it.

Here is a list of the blogs that my friend Pam and I are writing. Pay special attention to Pam's McKee Family Tree.

My McKee Family Tree:
This blog was created by Pam to share her in depth research of the McKee family. Her goal is to document all the McKee's that migrated to Southern Illinois.

Everyday Genealogy:
A blog supporting the Everyday Genealogy Desk Calendar offering hints, tips and advice on genealogy research. Everyday Genealogy Desk Calendar

Technology Tamers:
Pam and I speak at genealogy societies in Florida and we use this blog to promote our lectures. Our goal is to make genealogists aware of how technology can assist in their research and encourage them to publish their results.

Pack Peddler's Place:
My grandmother nicknamed me Pack Peddler when I was a child and this blog reflects my collection of ideas, family stories and genealogy journeys. And my love/hate relationship with my eReader!

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