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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Take a Break with The Genealogy Guys

Sometimes genealogy research can be overwhelming. There are so many websites to visit, sources to cite and county histories to read you just need to take a break.

Meet the 'Guys'

My favorite genealogy break is The Genealogy Guys Podcast. George G. Morgan and Drew Smith are nationally recognized genealogists who speak at conventions and seminars around the country. The have authored many genealogy books and have served on boards of local, state and national societies.

But none of these are the reasons I listen to the podcasts. Why do I listen to the podcasts? I listen because they take complicated genealogy topics and explain them without talking down to their audience. And they make me smile.

George and Drew make me feel like I am sitting in their living room having a leisurely visit while they talk about the latest genealogy news, answer questions from listeners/friends and try to keep their cats at bay. The best part is I always learn something new.

I like to download the podcasts onto cds so I can listen to them during my hour drive to work. Others subscribe via RSS feed or iTunes. Some new listeners download ALL the podcasts and listen to them in order. That is dedication since the first podcast was September 25, 2005!

The best thing is that they are just as personable and friendly in person as they are on the podcast. Take a break and enjoys a visit with The Genealogy Guys.

Take Care,

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