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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sunday's Obituary - Beldeva Maish Webster

Beldeva Maish - Daughter of Edward and Daisy Farnum Maish

Former C.R. Pair Are Found Slain In Salinas, Calif.
Cedar Rapids Gazette - October 25, 1952

A former Cedar Rapids couple were found shot to death in their apartment at Salinas, Calif., Friday and police termed, it. an apparent murder arid suicide, ac-
ording to an Associated Press report.

They were identifed as Jack Webster, 48 and his wife Beldeva, 38. Police said that an investigation will be made but a deputy coroner said that Webster apparently shot himself after shooting his wife apparently.

The bodies were found by the couple's landlady who said she hadn't seen the Websters for a few days. Police said the deaths occurred either Monday or Tuesday. No notes were left.

Mrs. Webster is survived by her father, Edward Maish of Cedar Rapids; by three Cedar Rapds brothers, Lloyd, Francis and Cleo Maish, and by three sisters Mrs. Walter Knoebel of Cedar Hapids, Mrs. Joe Kephart of Cedar Rapids and Mrs. Earl Owens of LeRoy, Minn.

Relatives, of Mrs. Webster said hat Mr. Webster is survived by two sisters, one in Cedar Rapids and one Dubuque. Their names could not be determined.

The Websters have lived California for about 12 years, relatives of Mrs. Webster said. They said that Mr. Webster had formerly worked at the Penick and Ford plant in Cedar Rapids. He was reported to have had both legs amputated about eight years ago after suffering Buerger's disease.

Cedar Rapids Gazette - January 15, 1953
Wills Probated - Excerpt

Three wills were admitted probate Thursday. They are the wills of Thomas Fontana, who died Jan. 3; Joseph A. Nejdl, who died Dec. 27, and Jack A. Web;ter, who died Oct. 21.

Mr. Webster left his estate to iis niece, Maureen K. Maish. Francis E. Maish was appointee administrator by the court with 3,000 bond.

Cedar Rapids Gazette
Saturday, September 5 1953

Another Will Involves Almost Entire Family

A strange, mixed-up legal battle began in Linn county district court Saturday over the estates of a former Cedar Rapids couple found dead in a Salinas, California apartment last October.

They were Jack Alexander Webster and Beldeva Neva Webster, who had lived at 504 Second street SW until they moved to California.

The court action started Saturday is based on the allegation that Webster murdered his wife on October 20 and then took his own life.

News reports at the time stated that the bodies were not found until several days after the tragedy. At the time authorities were quoted as saying that it appeared Webster shot his wife with a revolver;then took his own life with the same weapon.

The action Saturday was brought by Edward Maish, father of the late Mrs. Webster and administrator of her estate.

He is suing Francis E. Maish. Francis E. Maish is Edward Maish's son.

He is Mrs. Webster's brother and the brother-in-law of Jack Alexander Webster, the man who allegedly slew his (Francis E. Maish's) sister.

And he is the administrator of Jack Alexander Webster's estate.

In other words, Francis E. Maish is the administrator of the estate of his sister's alleged murderer.

Jack Alexander Webster's will is filed for probate in the Linn county clerk of courts's office.

It lists the daughter of Francis E. Maish as the sole heir.

There is no will on file in the Linn Clerk's office for Beldeva Neva Webster.

The suit seeks $25,000 for the estate of Beldeva Neva Webster from the estate of Jack Alexander Webster. The grounds stated are that Mrs. Webster's estate was damaged to that amount because of her wrongful death, allegedly at the hands of Mr. Webster.

Webster, according to California authorities, had lost both legs as a result of Buerger's disease.

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